John William Wagoner (1912-1974) and Vera Hunsucker Wagoner (1912-2004) were leaders in Trinity (Evangelical and Reformed) United Church of Christ in Conover, NC. As a business leader and industrialist, John traveled over much of the world. Very often Vera accompanied him. They developed a worldview of history and international relations. Vera outlived her husband by thirty years and remained an active member of Trinity Reformed UCC. After her death in 2004, the church learned that she had made arrangements for substantial bequests to Catawba College and United Church Homes and Services. In addition, one million dollars had been designated for international ministries through Trinity Reformed UCC. The church, in turn, invested these funds.

80% of the earnings was to be used annually for “foreign missions” and 20% was to be retained and re-invested.

Recipients have included:

UCC Wider Church Ministries in Child Sponsorship

King’s Matriculation School in India

Shepherd’s Field in Israel

Women’s Microcredit Project in Mozambique

Near East School of Theology in Lebanon

Middle East Council of Churches

the Kalauman Center for Development in the Philippines

House of Hope in Haiti

One Great Hour of Sharing

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Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all the gifts God has given to humankind – time, talents, the created world, and money, including accumulated assets.  Christians can give to the work of the church through bequests in wills, charitable remainder and other trusts, charitable gift annuities, assignments of life insurance, and transfer of property (cash, stocks, bonds, real estate).  It is the desire of the congregation to encourage, receive and administer these gifts in a manner consistent with the loyalty and devotion to their Lord, expressed by the grantors, and in accord with the policies of this congregation.

The purpose of this Foundation is to enhance the mission of Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ apart from the general operation of the congregation; that no portion of the income generated by the Foundation shall be used for the annual operation budget of the congregation.   All principal amounts will be retained and not spent except by unanimous vote of the Foundation and a majority vote of the congregation at a Congregational Meeting.

The Trinity Foundation (Shuford Fund):

The Wagoner International Mission Fund: